Effects of Chemical, Biological and Botanical for the Management of Alternaria Leaf Spot Disease of Radish for Healthy Seed Production

Subash Gautam • Manisha Mahat • Samjhana Khanal • Hira Kaji Manandhar


An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of different treatments viz. SAAF (mancozeb +carbendazim) (2g l-1), Acorous calamus root extract (50 %), Trichoderma harzianum (106 conidia ml-1) aqueous suspension and two radish varieties (Mino Early and Pyuthaney Rato) against Alternaria leaf spot disease (Alternaria brassicae) of radish in research plot of Department of Plant Pathology AFU, Chitwan, Nepal during winter season of 2015. Foliar applications of the treatments were used for six times from 40 DAS to 90 DAS at 10 days interval. All treatments were found significant during all observations for per cent disease index (PDI) and yield. Lowest PDI was recorded in application of SAAF (carbendazim 12% + mancozeb 63%) (52.33 % and 34.33 %), which was statiscally at par and followed by foliar application of T.harzianum (56.17 % and 39.5 %) in both vegetative growth stage (60 DAS) and reproductive stage (90 DAS) of radish. There was significant difference in PDI between the varieties, Mino Early (43.58 %) followed by Pyuthaney Rato (49.92 %) in 90 DAS. Similarly in case of seed yield, highest yield was recorded from SAAF (0.6 t ha1) followed by Trichoderma harzianum (0.49 t ha -1). Also in case of variety significant difference in yield was recorded, highest yield was recorded from Mino Early (0.57 t ha-1) followed by Pyuthaney Rato (0.30 t ha-1).




International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology

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