Will Growth of Technology Lift up the Economic Status of Farmers?

T. Amose • Kr Jeyakumar


As a very hot news that spread through out the state Tamilnadu, India that the formers who produced tomatos are dumped aside of road without bringing to market for domestic cooking consumption. Usually, the agricultural zaid commodities are not brings expected profit to the producers due to perishable character and gets low price at the markets in any situation. Tomato is zaid crop but it availing in all seasons and price of it will be also differing Moreover, crop in the zaid season gets very less price in the market but the level of production is high. Due to stable demand and substitute commodities are the cause for emerging low price in the market. As a remedy for this problem, recent research found that the rotten tomatos is good source to generate electricity. Hence, This empirical report brought out the real situation of zaid crop tomato in the market and plights of formers due to decreased price. Moreover, report suggests to the government that have to follow a procurement price for zaid crops also, to empower the economic status of formers followed by the execution of technology for alternative purposes.




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