Ex Vitro Propagation of Rubber Tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) using Stem Cuttings

Anthony Antwi-Wiredu • Samuel Amiteye • Rhoda Gyinae Diawuoh • George Y. P. Klu


Stem cutting propagation preserves the genetic traits and leads to transfer of superior and genetically similar traits of parent plants to progenies. This method is also used to propagate recalcitrant, nonviable and difficult to germinateseeds. Stem cutting in tree species is used to address phenological and intraclonal problems. The use of rubber cuttings as planting material is a feasible option, worthy of investigation. There has been little or no research studies into the USAge of Hevea brasiliensis stem cuttings as an alternative vegetative propagation method for an in vivo propagation of rubber tree in Ghana. Propagation of H. brasiliensis by stem cutting techniques was used to study alternative procedures for mass production of rubber planting materials. Brown and green rubber stem cuttings of Clone I and Clone II were soaked for 6 hours in 0.0-22.5g/L Naphthalene Acetic Acid (NAA) followed by propagation in a nursery bag filled with nutrient-rich soil. Only the brown stem cuttings of H. brasiliensis survived. The percent survival, length of shoots, number of roots as well as length of roots of Clone II was significantly (P




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