Dynamic Query Forms for Non-Relational Database

Deepak Pagaro • Viral Prajapati • Sahil Gambhir • Harish Singh • Mr Rahul Pawar 1 more

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(English, 4 pages)


With quick advancement of investigative databases and web data databases are turning out to be exceptionally colossal in size and complex in nature. These databases hold extensive and heterogeneous information, with huge number of relations and qualities. So it is exceptionally hard to outline an arrangement of static inquiry structures to answer different specially appointed database inquirieson these cutting edge databases. Along these lines there is need of such framework which create Query Forms powerfully as indicated by the clients need at run time. The proposed framework Dynamic Query Form i.e.DQF framework going to give an answer by the inquiry interface in extensive and complex databases. In proposed framework, the center idea is to catch client intrigues all through client associations and to adjust the inquiry sort iteratively. Each cycle comprises of 2 sorts of client collaborations: Query Form Enrichment and Query Execution. In Query Form Enrichment DQF would prescribe a positioned rundown of question structure part to client so he/she can choose sought structure segments into current inquiry structure. In Query Execution client fills current inquiry shape and submit question, DQF going to show result and take input from client on gave question results. A client would have office to fill the inquiry frame and submit questions to see the inquiry result at every cycle. So that a question structure could be progressively refined till the client fulfills with the inquiry results.




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