Color: The Mantra for Marketing

Kulbir Kaur Bhatti • Farhat Fatima

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(English, 5 pages)


In the present scenario, color is emphasized as the most required component of the market and marketers. The customers are attracted using different colors for the products by the manufacturers. The competition prevailing in the market has made the organizations use several strategies using color. Now days the customers go to the various retail stores and buy the products by seeing the packaging as it creates an effective image of the product in their minds. The marketers have to understand the knowledge of the consumers to select the right color for product. The impact of the visual aspects helps the organizations to pass the information to the consumers. The color can affect the consumer's perception and their buying decision. The brands are also recognized because of the fixed colors of their products which provide them brand equity. Every color has been accepted in different way by the various cultures and the emotions attached to it is also different. Color is opted differently by the two genders. In this research paper how the color is used by different cultures, the sentiments associated are studied. A glance of the impact of the color on the consumer behavior is also studied. Without appropriate selection of color the marketers will not be able to attract the customers.




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