New Approach of Inter-Cross: An Efficient Multilevel Cache Management Policy

Ms Surbhi R. Khare • Mr Ritesh Shrivastava

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(English, 7 pages)


Cache performance has been critical for large scale systems. Until now, many multilevel cache management policies LRU-K, PROMOTE, DEMOTE have been developed but still there is performance issue. Many approaches have been proposed to reduce the gap between different levels such as hint-based multilevel cache. Some approaches like demote or promote are based on the latest cache history information, which is inadequate for applications where there are regular demote and promote operations occur. The major drawback of these policies is selecting a victim. In this paper, the new multilevel cache replacement policy called Inter-cross is implemented to improve the cache performance of a system. The decision of promotion and demotion is based on the block's previous N-step promotion or demotion history and the size and resident time of the block in the cache. Comparative study between inter-cross and existing multilevel policies shows that, existing keeps track on last K references of the block within a last cache level, while inter-cross keeps track of the information of the last K movements of blocks among all the cache levels. Inter-cross algorithms are designed that can efficiently describe the activeness of any blocks in any cache level. Experimental results show that inter-cross achieves better performance compared to existing multilevel cache replacement policies such as LRU-K, PROMOTE, and DEMOTE under different workloads.




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