Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Deep Drawability of AA1200

Manoj Kumar • Mr Vijay Gautam • Amit Ahlawat • Sumit Jain

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(English, 7 pages)


The ability of a sheet metal to be formed in a given process without failure is known as formability. Formability is a measure of the amount of deformation a material can withstand prior to fracture or excessive thinning. Forming Limit Diagram (FLD) is a graphical representation of limit strains at which necking/fracture occurs in a sheet metal under all possible modes of deformation. Anisotropy is the variation in properties with respect to directions, due to variations in microstructures introduced in forming operations such as rolling. The values of strength (YS and UTS) and ductility (% elongation) show a large variation in mechanical properties because of the differences in as rolled specimens, annealed specimens, and different thickness of the Al sheets. From the LDH test the limiting strain values and the formability of sheet metal were found to increases with increasing sheet thickness.




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