Multi-biometric Fake Detection System using Image Quality based Liveness Detection

Asmita A. Patil • Prof S. A. Dhole

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(English, 7 pages)


Biometric systems mostly popular in all over the world because of its user friendly and credible nature in security. In spite of this advantages, many attacks that done through synthetic , self manufactured, fake, reconstructed samples affected on the performance and accuracy of biometric system which becomes major problem in biometrics. Hence, new effective measures have to be taken to protect the biometric systems. In this paper, we propose novel software based multi-biometric fake detection system to detect various types of attacks. The main moto of this system is to enhance security level of biometric recognition systems through Image Quality Assessment (IQA) which is one of the liveness detection method.25 image quality measures calculated from test image which used to classify between real and fake trait using Linear Discriminative Analysis(LDA) classifier. The experimental results is done on the database of 2D face and fingerprint modalities, shows the proposed system is ease in implementation in real time application as complexities is very less because of one input image. Also this system is fast, user-friendly, non-intrusive which is more competitive with any other state of the art approaches, classifies between real and fake traits.




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