Mitigation Unbalance Nonlinear Loads and Dissimilar Line Currents Using Shunt Active Power Filter SAPF

M. T. Mahmood Alkhayyat • Sinan M. Bashi

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(English, 8 pages)


Power quality has grown from obscurity to a major issue in last ten years. The new technologies lead to great demand of power electronic devices that leads to a distortion the quality of voltages and currents of power system in other hand many sensitive loads need a high degree of power quality thus it is important to have the suitable solutions. Several researches and studies regarding the power quality and tray to solve the problems of nonlinear loads regarding a union case of a balance three phase and similarity of line currents, while in fact the unbalance and dissimilar cases are the prevailing cases. This paper proposed a new controller method for compensating unbalance nonlinear loads and dissimilar in line currents as well as eliminate the negative and zero sequence components of line currents using SAPF. Also the proposed control method is compared with a will known method used for compensating nonlinear loads in many researches known as instantaneous power pq theory. Finally, fuzzy logic control is used to optimize the performance of the compensator.




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