Effect of Organizational Culture on Organizational Health

Ramin Noori • Mehdi Sabokro

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(English, 13 pages)


The main objective of the current study is to investigate the effects of organizational culture on organizational health. Modern organizations are in a very intense competitive conditions and in order to survive, they need parameters which guarantee their survival. Therefore, the current study will investigate the significance of culture in this regard. Municipalities as one of the organizations providing urban services are in a position where it is possible to lose their impact due to the activities of other organizations. Accordingly, the statistical population selected for this study includes all the employees in Tehran Municipality. In order to gather the required data, after determining the sample size as 384 participants using Krejcie and Morgan table, standard questionnaire of Denison for culture (2000) and organizational health (2008) were used. The current study is a quantitative one carried out as a descriptive survey. The validity and reliability of the study are confirmed using appropriate methods. Finally, in order to test the hypotheses of the study, various descriptive and inferential statistical tests were used. It was found out that the organizational survival of Municipality was affected by various cultural parameters, among which compatibility had the highest impact.




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