Sustainability Re-Thinking: A Tool for Planning and Design in Nigeria Built Environment

Ajayi Oluwole • Soyebo Olugbenga • Joseph J. O.

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(English, 11 pages)


The concept of sustainability has been introduced to combine concern for the well being of the planet with continued growth and development. This requires awareness of full short and long term consequences of any transformation of the environment. The paper investigates the principles underpinning tools and physical measures within the scope of planning and design in built environment. Working for sustainability demands an awareness of how everything works whether natural or man-made. The available range of tools for planning and design nesting with planning and design process is hereby discussed. The paper highlights that environment are met to change with inspiration and human creativity involving the concept of designing professionals within the concept of planning and design tools. Therefore, a more appropriate understanding of sustainability based on the critical activities of planning and design in the face of development and constructions are needed.




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