Impact Analysis of Working Condition, Salary, Corporate Ownership and Fairness on Employee Job Satisfaction in PT. Bpr Prismadana Manado

Gilbert Lasut


Nowadays a lot of people not really think about the job satisfaction in their work place especially the chief at some company, while the job satisfaction is very important for employee performance. Job satisfaction is simply how people feel about jobs and different aspects of their jobs it is the extent to which people like (satisfaction) or dislike (dissatisfaction) their jobs. Job Satisfaction is a part that is always related to the employee and the productivity that can increase employee productivity in the workplace. Satisfaction affect the employee productivity because it is a serious problem in the world of work, and becomes one important problem faced by employees. The problem of job satisfaction can result from the same person within the scope of their workers or the organization. This is quantitative research that associative with multiple linear regression analysis technique. The population in this study is the employees at PT. BPR Prismadana Manado, and the respondents are 40 peoples. This study may imply that the contribution of Working Condition, Salary, Corporate Ownership and Fairness Job Satisfaction is affected by other variables not examined in this study, and for PT. BPR Prismadana Manado in managerial role should consider about the Job satisfaction since it is the most crucial part of the company and how company can provide encouragement and motivation by providing working condition, salary, corporate ownership and fairness for employees who have good work. Keywords: job satisfaction, working condition, salary, corporate ownership, and fairness




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