Behavior of thin-walled tubes with combined cross-sectional geometries under oblique loading

Afaque Umer • Bakhtawar Hasan Khan • Belal Ahamad • Hassan Ahmad • Mohd Reyaz Ur Rahim

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(English, 4 pages)


Hollow tubes are the most important part of any structure because of their load-bearing capacity, lightweight and inexpensive manufacturing cost. One of the methods for improving the performance under quasi-static loading is to vary the cross-sectional shapes. In the real case, structures are seldom subjected to pure axial or pure bending rather they are subjected to a combination of two load cases i.e. oblique loading. In this paper, the circular cross-section was combined with four different polygonal cross-sections namely tetragon, hexagon, octagon and decagon and a total of 13 geometries were obtained. The buckling behavior of each tube was investigated numerically at various angles of inclination. Each tube was modeled in SOLIDWORKS and then was analyzed in ANSYS. Linear buckling code was used for finding the critical load at various angles ranging from 0° to 14°. The overall result was then compared and it was found that the proposed geometry can be a good alternative over conventional circular tubes in terms of load-bearing capacity at angular load.




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