Senti-Lexicon and Analysis for Restaurant Reviews of Myanmar Text

Yu Mon Aye • Sint Sint Aung

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(English, 6 pages)


Social media has just become as an influential with the rapidly growing popularity of online customers reviews available in social sites by using informal languages and emoticons. These reviews are very helpful for new customers and for decision making process. Sentiment analysis is to state the feelings, opinions about people's reviews together with sentiment. Most of researchers applied sentiment analysis for English Language. There is no research efforts have sought to provide sentiment analysis of Myanmar text. To tackle this problem, we propose the resource of Myanmar Language for mining food and restaurants' reviews. This paper aims to build language resource to overcome the language specific problem and opinion word extraction for Myanmar text reviews of consumers. We address dictionary based approach of lexicon-based sentiment analysis for analysis of opinion word extraction in food and restaurants domain. This research assesses the challenges and problem faced in sentiment analysis of Myanmar Language area for future.




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