Analisis Tuturan Kitab Tapal Adam Dalam Pernikahan Di Lombok Utara

Gede Krisna Bayu • Endang Dwi Sulistyowati • Syamsul Rijal
Journal article Ilmu Budaya • April 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 15 pages)


This study was conducted with the aim of describing the function and values contained in the speech of the Book of Adam's Poultry. From the results of this study the author can memrap member members of the function and values contained in the speech Book of Adam's Pardon, in order to be useful as a reference or input for cultural science, and at least can be useful as a contribution of thought to the world of education. The type of research used in this study is descriptive (qualitative) qualitative descriptive method which is a research procedure that produces descriptive data in the form of words written or spoken. Data collection techniques in research using observation techniques, interviews and documentation. Analytical techniques in done to peel aspects of feminism by way of classifying it in two parties; pros and cons of feminism. The type of research that the authors do is qualitative research with descriptive method. This research uses literature feminism approach. The source of data in this research is the drama of RE-work by M. Fachri Ramadhani. Data collection techniques used are research using interactive techniques, namely collecting data, tabulating data, and analyze based on speech functions, speech values and draw conclusions Based on the results of the analysis can be concluded, namely (1) the speech of the Book of Adam's Poultice functions as a function of morality, religious function and function as a medium of entertainment, but the function of the speech of the Tapal Adam is more dominant towards religious function because it prefers obedience and obedience to orders and prohibitions God. (2) the speech of the Adamic Book contains religious values, philosophical values, historical value, and moral values. But the value of philosophy is more dominant because in the words of the Book of Adam's Poultice there is a secret of God so it must be studied more deeply




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