Perjuangan Tokoh Perempuan Dalam Novel Tanah Tabu Karya Anindita S. Thayf: Kajian Feminisme Eksistensialis

Maria Benga Geleuk • Widyatmike Gede Mulawarman • Irma Surayya Hanum
Journal article Ilmu Budaya • July 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


The purposes of this research were to describe the factual structure and the struggle of female characters in “Tanah Tabu” novel by Anindita S. Thayf in terms of existentialist feminism. The researcher was interested to analyze “Tanah Tabu” novel, because this novel presented female characters that can fight to get freedom. The type of this research was descriptive qualitative method, which obtains the information and the description of the struggle of the female characters in “Tanah Tabu” novel based on existentialist feminism. This research used structural approach. The source of data in the research was from “Tanah Tabu” novel by Anindita S. Thayf. Data collection techniques in this research such as read, corect, and write. Meanwhile, data analysis techniques were provided in three phases such as data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion drawing. The result of this research shows the factual structure of the “Tanah Tabu” novel by Anindita S. Thayf, consisting of characters characterization, plot, and setting. This novel used flashback plot. The characters in this novel have a role as the main character and additional characters. The setting was in Papua, which shows the life of Papua society. The story time shows the year 2012, 1946, 1956, 1958, and 1960. The struggle of female characters in the “Tanah Tabu” novel by Anindita S. Thayf based on existentialist feminism, consists of awareness as liyan, freedom, and transcendence. Awareness as a liyan occurs in Mabel, Mace, and Mama Helda. These three female characters realized that they have been oppressed. Through the awareness, they choose to fight to get out of the oppression. The freedom is owned by Mabel, Mace, and Mama Helda. They are free to make choices which they hold as true and brave to responsible for their decision. Transcendence is performed by Mabel, Mace, and Mama Helda. They became working women, intellectual women, women of socialist transformation, and women follow dominant groups.




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