Pengembangan Teknik Pembelajaran Menulis dan Membaca melalui Gerakan Literasi Sekolah

Eka Dewi Lukmana Sari • Mursalim Mursalim • Akhmad Murtadlo
Journal article Ilmu Budaya • October 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


This study aims to describe the planning, implementation, evaluation, and the effectiveness of the development of learning techniques of writing and reading through the School Literacy Program. This research uses research and development method which produce Literation Book development product. The results of the analysis concluded that the planning resulted in the compilation of the GLS program and the Literacy Book material instrument that has been validated by the material and linguist. Implementation of development through initial trials, revisions, and final trials resulted in increased interest in writing and reading talent, evaluation stages with interview triangulation techniques and inquires with peer teachers and students. The effectiveness stage obtained the average value recapitulation 92,5 categories very good or effective.




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