The Way Chinese-descendent Mothers Teach Chinese Culture and the Preserved Traditions in Indonesian-chinese Multicultural Family: a Reflection Through the Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

Amalia Pratiwi • Surya Sili • Erna Wati
Journal article Ilmu Budaya • April 2017 China • Indonesia

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(English, 15 pages)


Since The Joy Luck Club mainly focuses on Chinese culture, it is acknowledged by people around the world that Chinese culture is rich with the values and history which influences every slide of world history. Although Chinese people are recently residing far away from mainland China, the cultural values they have learned before it will be remained within themselves. To uphold the cultural values and traditions within a Chinese-descendent family, the role of mother is needed. However, since most of the Chinese-descendent families live in multicultural neighborhood with the assimilated cultures—like Indonesia—it is unknown whether the Chinese cultural values and traditions are being preserved or not. This study is focused on the way Chinese-descendent mothers teach the Chinese culture and the preserved traditions of Chinese culture within the family. The mothers from The Joy Luck Club represent the role of Chinese-descendent mother in teaching the children the cultural values. These figures are reflected through the mothers in the two cities of Indonesia, Tarakan and Samarinda, as the representation. There are similarities and differences from the mothers from the novel and the two cities in Indonesia in nurturing the children with their cultural values. It comes from the way each mother teaches their cultural values, especially in teaching integrity and filial piety to the children with the mothers' own method. Several Chinese cultures and traditions are mentioned and still preserved by the family, both in the novel and inside the Indonesian-Chinese mothers' families. The Lunar New Year and Moon Festival are the examples of the preserved traditions within the family. The results of these studies will show how valuable the cultural values and traditions are and this study will give a further comprehension in preserving the cultural values within a family.




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