Ketidakadilan Gender terhadap Tokoh Perempuan dalam Novel Genduk Karya Sundari Mardjuki: Kajian Kritik Sastra Feminisme

Puji Astuti • Widyatmika Gede Mulawarman • Alfian Rokhmansyah
Journal article Ilmu Budaya • April 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


The assumption has made women victims of gender differences that give rise to discrimination. Injustice or gender discrimination is manifested in several forms namely, marginalization, subordination, stereotypes, violence and workloa. This study aims to describe: (1) Form of gender injustice to female characters in Genduk novel by Sundari Mardjuki, (2) Cause of gender injustice to female characters in Genduk novel by Sundari Mardjuki.The type used is using the type of qualitative approach, is research that does not hold calculations. Qualitative approach refers to descriptive method, that is the method that is focused on problem solving and is what it is. After that, can be obtained the forms of injustice that exist in the novel Genduk namely: marginalization, Yung problem that was expelled from large families and did not get inheritance from his father. Subordination experienced by Genduk occurs when its degree is lowered by Kaduk by holding its body without the willingness of Genduk. The stereotype experienced by Yung when she had to listen to the conversation of the community when her husband never came home and there was no word. The violence experienced when Genduk met Kaduk in Tuksari, then Kaduk kissing and squeezing the breasts of Genduk without willingnes.workload when Yung must work at home and earn a living.the cause of gender inequlity in Genduk figures who experience injustice from Kaduk that hold or harass the Genduk. Whereas Yung's character causes the injustice of his father, being marginalized by not getting inherited from the tobacco fields, not the gem gold, and Yung goes just carrying a bundle that contains a few strands of clothes.




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