Analisis Tuturan Tarian Bambu Gila di Maluku Tengah Ditinjau dari Bentuk dan Fungsi

Martia Soa Mole • Mursalim Mursalim • Alfian Rokhmansyah
Journal article Ilmu Budaya • April 2018 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


The reason for choosing the title as the subject of this research, caused by the writer's desire to know the from of mantra and the speech function of crazy bamboo dance in central Maluku. (1) to know spell bamboo mantra spell pattern (2) to know spell bamboo mantra spell from (3) to know the fuction of bamboo crazy speech. The method used in doing this research is qualitative method with descriptive research type. Analyzing what froms are contained in spell bamboo dance mantras and analyzing patterns, and spell bamboo mantra spell function. Data collention techniques used in this research are observation, recording, interview, photo and technique record. The results of the reserch obtained in this study showed that (1) the attraction of crazy bamboo dance was carried out with a time 30 minutes.(2) bamboo spell crazy from of abc-abc rhythmic spell ,abcd-abcd. (3) is verbal, has a specific purpose, relates to power and the occult. (4) the function of spell bamboo mantra spell is to invoke the help of the ancestors, the recognitian of the blessing and the supreme power of God, to make the spirits and the jinn invoked to master the bamboo and the players, as a command to carry out the handler's instruction, and as a means topray or ask for help. The purpose of mantra generally varies depending on the reader of the mantra. Whereas the mantra that is recited in a crazy bamboo game aims to commonicate with the jin.




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