Women Portrayal in Patriarchal Society Through Female Main Characters in Zemeckis' Beowulf Film (2007)

Christian Barli • Surya Sili • Nita Maya Valiantien
Journal article Ilmu Budaya • July 2017

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(English, 12 pages)


Patriarchy system which forms gender stereotypes and its issues, consciously or not is easily found in daily life. Gender stereotypes are strengthened by patriarchy system which includes judgments of surrounding society, and forms two categories; masculinity (men stereotypes) and femininity (women stereotypes) which referred from the different biological characteristics among men and women, to empower men and disempower women in society. The purposes of this research were to analyze the portrayal of patriarchy system which is portrayed in the Zemeckis' Beowulf film, and to analyze the portrayal of female main characters who break patriarchy system which is portrayed in the film. This research was designed as a qualitative research, and the theory of patriarchy by Allan G. Johnson was used as the ground theory. The results of the research showed that patriarchy system and its four elements such as male dominance, male identification, male centeredness, and obsession with control are promoted in the society which is portrayed in the Zemeckis' Beowulf film (2007). Although the two female main characters of the film live in a society which is patriarchal, but they do not fall into the patriarchy system and the gender stereotypes that are imposed on them as subordinate women, instead they challenge and break the social systems.




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