Social Processes in the Formation of Dre Parker's Character in "Karate Kid" Film (2010)

Wahyu Sartika Andriana • M. Natsir • Nita Maya Valiantien
Journal article None • January 2018

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(English, 16 pages)


There are two objectives of research in this study, such as, to show the character formation that occurred in the character of Dre in Karate Kid film 2010, and to analyze how Dre experienced character changes shaped by social processes in Karate Kid film 2010. This analysis includes to descriptive qualitative method. This researcher used the Karate Kid film 2010 as the source of data. The data derived from the utterances of major characters containing the elements of social processes. From the finding of this analysis, the elements of social processes there are two classifications, first is associative social process, in associative social process such as; cooperation (team work), accommodation (agreement), assimilation (cultural fusion). The second classification of social process is dissociative social process, in dissociative social process such as; competition (compete in a good way), conflict (compete in a bad way).





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