Slavery of the Main Character Solomon Northup in the 12 Years a Slave Movie

Alfred Alfred • M. Natsir • Ririn Setyowati
Journal article Ilmu Budaya • July 2017

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(English, 10 pages)


This research revolve around a movie based on real life experience that show us about the two sides of ideology that clash between each other and the result because of it, learning from history is crucial in order to prevent society to commit the same mistake or experience the same tragedy. Descriptive qualitative approach was used in this research. The research focused on two purposes namely to identify the form of slavery that occur in the movie and the effects of slavery toward the main character Solomon Northup`s mental state during his 12 years enslavement. There are five types of slavery that occurred in the movie which are debt bondage, contract slavery, forced labor, human trafficking, and sexual slavery. Solomon showed six kinds of psychological arousal throughout the entire movie which are anger, disappointment, frustration, hate, sad, and happiness and all those emotions were related to his 12 years of enslavement. Furthermore, cognitive label was used to classify those six psychological arousals into three forms. Those three forms of cognitive label are crying, laughing, and screaming. The psychological arousal happiness belonged to both crying and laughing cognitive label. Psychological arousal anger and disappointment belong to cognitive label screaming. Psychological arousal sad and frustration belong to cognitive label crying.




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