Analisis Tuturan Tradisi Upacara Ladung Bio' Suku Dayak Kenyah Lepo' Tau di Desa Nawang Baru Kecamatan Kayan Hulu Kabupaten Malinau: Kajian Folklor

Wennita Daud • Syaiful Arifin • Dahri Dahlan
Journal article Ilmu Budaya • April 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


The authors are interested in presenting the Tradition Ceremony of Ladung Bio' 'Tribe Dayak Kenyah Lepo' Tau because Ladung Bio' Ceremony is a very important Indigenous Dayak Kenyah. Tutorial Tradition of Ladung Bio' Ceremony 'Dayak Tribe Kenyah Lepo' Tau is a must-do speech by Dayak KenyahLepo 'Tau at the ceremony of Ladung Bio'. This type of research uses descriptive and qualitative, which is where the researcher tried to describe and explain about the Tradition Tutorial Ladung Bio' 'Tribe Dayak Kenyah Lepo' Tau. Tutorial Tradition Ceremony Ladung Bio' 'Dayak tribe Kenyah Lepo' Tau using the source of research data is a resource on behalf of Lutang Imang. Data collection techniques using observation methods, interviews, documentation. Data analysis techniques use data reduction, transcription technique, Data presentation and Conclusion puller. The result of the research shows that Analysis of Tradition Ladung Bio' 'Tribe Dayak KenyahLepo' Tau in NawangBaru Village Kayan Hulu Sub-district Malinau District: Folklor Study. Is a Traditional Tutorial that existed since ancient times. That is during the war between tribes. This is only owned by Dayak Kenyah Lepo' Tau, which is seen as sacred, because in the Ladung Bio' ceremony it shares the functions of protecting the Dayak Kenyah Lepo' Tau from the threat of illness and from enemy attack (ngayau).




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