The Relation of Overprotective Parenting with Early Childhood Speech Ability in the Digital Era

An An Andari • Diden Rosenda • Asep Supriadi Aa
Journal article Cakrawala Dini • May 2018

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. The progress of the time is very influential to the world civilization. In the era of globalization, all forms of social interaction are replaced with all-digital equipment. It is characterized by the popularity of sophisticated electronic equipment ranging from television, cell phone, internet and other communication tools. The progress of the time affects the nurture that given by parents to children. Overprotective parenting is an excessive nurture of parent to their children. By reason of fear, the parents do not give a freedom to the children to do their preferred activity, beside that, there are still many parents who provide communication tools that are not appropriate with the age, needs and development of their children. This research aims to determine whether there is a relationship between an overprotective parenting to the speech ability of early childhood children. The study was conducted in Laboratory Kindergarten of UPI Cibiru Bandung regency, with 24 respondents. The instruments which are developed in this study are the instrument of overprotective parenting and instrument on children's speech ability. The data collection was done by questionnaire. The research uses correlational descriptive methods, and the data analysis used a correlation test. The results showed a correlation of (0, 0383<0.05), then Ho is rejected, it means that there is a significant relationship between overprotective parenting style with the children's speech ability in early childhood in the Laboratory Kindergarten of UPI Cibiru, Bandung regency.




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