Influence of Social Multiliteracy Models on Student's Spatial Thinking Skill on Social Studies

Nurul Lisa Muraida • Nina Sundari
Journal article Jurnal Khazanah Sekolah Dasar • August 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


This research is motivated the low of student's spatial thinking skill in solving social problems related to the spatial context, This problem will greatly affect the life of the society such as observations made by BNPB about the flood disaster in Cimanuk, Garut-West Java which occurred due to the utilization of space is not in accordance with allocation. This is due to the lack of student's spatial thinking learning in the national education process, so when the plunge into society the ability is less able to be utilized properly. This research is a quasi-experimental design with the nonequivalent pretest posttest control group design. Using social multiliteracy learning and conventional learning that is cooperative type STAD. Seven stages of social multiliteracy learning, that is recognizing social phenomena, generating schemata, discovering, organizing, elaborating and synthesizing information, summarizing key concepts, and producing creation. The research was conducted in the fourth grade of Public Elementary School of Cintaasih 01 as the experimental class and the fourth grade of Public Elementary School of Sukarasa as the control class with 30 students each. The purpose of this research is determine the difference of student's spatial thinking ability in social studies learning between the experimental class and control class with the instrument of pretest and posttest. Based on the research data, it is found that there are a difference of student's spatial thinking ability between students who get social multiliteracy learning and cooperative learning type STAD, with social multiliteracy model is better. The results are supported by the achievement of indicators of student's spatial thinking skill, that is location, condition, comparison, and aura. Therefore, social multiliteracy learning can be used as an alternative in learning to improve spatial thinking skill




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