Influence of Samsung Marketing Tools to Smartphone Purchase Intention of Manado Youth People

Giovanny Guruh Manoa


Smartphone has been quite a phenomenon especially in Manado city when finding people own more than one is easy. There are so many company involves in Smartphone market one of them is Samsung a Korean company who has been selling many Smartphone despite of a raging battle of competitions, this has become a questions for many people. The purpose of this research is to find out how Samsung influence the purchase intentions of a young people the most fertile segment in gadget market through their marketing effort of Advertising, Price, and Brand. A causal research design taking a survey approach was used. The population of this study consisted of students of FEB UNSRAT since this research target for Manado youth people, University was chosen as it is abundant with youth people. Questionnaire was used to select a sample of 105 students of FEB UNSRAT. The result and conclusions of research is all of the variables are significantly influence the Purchase Intention and the most influential is Brand followed by Price and Advertising. Therefore, the management of Samsung should maintain and improved their Brand through a better marketing effort. Keywords: advertising, price, brand, purchase intentions




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