The Implementation Ok4r Method to Increase Reading Comprehension Students Ability in Class V Elementary School

Erva Tursiva • Ernalis Ernalis
Journal article Jurnal Khazanah Sekolah Dasar • August 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


This research was motivated by the problem of reading comprehension in the Elementary School class Five at SDN Cibiru 08, Cileunyi,Bandung. Based on observation have been found the problem in the process learning Indonesian Language Education (Bahasa Indonesia) especially in learning reading comprehension, there are still many students who have not been able to understand the contents of the reading as a whole, there are still many students who have been to retell the contents, learning Indonesian Language Education is still conventional, and learning reading comprehension is not systematic, not implemented pre-reading stage, reading stage, and post-reading stage. Therefore the researchers use OK4R method as an alternative in learning reading comprehension. As the formulation of the problem is how the learning process of reading comprehension the students of class V at Elementary school with using OK4R method and how to improve the reading comprehension ability with using OK4R method. The aim of this study is to describe the process of learning reading comprehension for the students in the elementary school class with using OK4R method. The research is use Classroom Action Research (CAR) method using Jhon Elliot design. The study was conducted in three cycles, each cycle consisting 3 actions. The instruments used include RPP, assements guide, observation sheets, field notes, documentation, LKP, and interview sheets. To analyze data the researcher using qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis. In the implementation of learning using OK4R method consist of three stage, there are pre-reading, reading, and post-reading. The score of the learning process reading comprehension on the first cycle is 55,57, the second cycle is 71,44, and the third cycle is 80,3.  As for the score ability reading comprehension on the first cycle is 42.82, second is 62.82, and the third is 78,25. OK4R method can improve students reading comprehension.  




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