The Use of Structured Speech Methods to Improve Speech Capabilities

Lukman Nuriman • Ernalis Ernalis
Journal article Jurnal Khazanah Sekolah Dasar • August 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


This research emerges from the empirical phenomena of the writer who found the speaking problems by students at the time of learning. The problems are the students have less ability to speak and its influence for their learning outcomes. It's happen because the students are not having the courage to submit comments or opinions, they are speaking rigidly in front of the class, they should be forced to express opinions, they have not been loud in expressing opinions, the vocal sounds of students is less clear. Therefore the authors take the title "The Use of Structured Speech Methods to Improve Speech Capabilities in Learning Indonesian Class VI SD". The purpose of the writer took this title is to improve students' speaking ability at the time of speech course by using structured speech method. This theory is supported by Abidin (2015, pp. 202) said that “structured speech methods are essentially speech-learning methods that require students to skillfully write a good idea and skillfully convey the idea in front of the crowd”. This Classroom Action Research uses John Elliot's form consisting of three cycles, each cycle having three actions. The result of this research is the improvement of students 'speaking ability, this is indicated from the students' ability in the performance during the speech. It is also reinforced by the increase in the average score of results from students' speaking ability during performance in each cycle. The one cycle is 62.47, the second cycle is 64.63, and the third cycle is 75.49. Therefore, the authors recommend structured speech methods can be applied in learning Indonesian in grade VI Primary School.




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