Implementation of Scaffolded Writing Models to Increase Students in Writing Narrative

Mira Rahayu Supendi • Desiani Natalina Muli
Journal article Jurnal Khazanah Sekolah Dasar • August 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


This research is based on the low ability of students in writing, especially writing narrative essay low students in pouring ideas or ideas into a paper. From these data, the researcher uses Scaffolded Writing model in narrative writing study. This study aims 1) To obtain a description of a series of narrative writing lessons using Scaffolded Writing model in the fourth grade of Cimekar State Elementary School. 2) To get an overview of the process / activity of students in writing narrative essay in class IV SD Negeri Cimekar. 3) To get an idea of ​​the students' ability to write narrative essay using Scaffolded Writing model in fourth grade of SD Negeri Ciekar. The research method used is action research class (PTK) Mc model. Kemmis Tagart. The data analysis technique is qualitative, quantitative and triangulation. Research subjects in this study are class IV consisting of 13 female students and 16 male students and observer partners are teachers in the class. From the research results can be concluded that there is an increase in the average value of process / activity writing in class IV Cimekar State Element is the cycle I 53,62; Cycle II ie 65; Cycles III is 79,59 and the average value of writing ability narrative with the application of Scaffolded Writing model in the first cycle is 57,07; In cycle II that is 64,48 and at cycle III 77,24. Thus the application of Scaffolded Writing model can improve students' ability in writing narrative essay in class IV Cimekar State Elementary School.




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