Application of Savi Model Based Fun Learning in Social Study Learning to Improve Student's Critical Thinking Ability

Nurwidia Amanah • Tuti Istianti
Journal article Jurnal Khazanah Sekolah Dasar • August 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


This study is based on the lack student's critical thinking ability in social study learning. It's caused by the limited of student activities and the lack of student interest to learn about social study. In addition the uses of learning model is less effective to improve critical thinking ability until the lesson is less optimal. As an effort,(1) to know the learning process of IPS using SAVI-based fun learning model in improving the critical thinking skills of fourth grade students of elementary school; (2) to know the result of improvement of critical thinking ability of fourth grader of SD in IPS learning using SAVI based fun learning model. The purpose of this study is to improve student critical thinking ability in social study learning eith SAVI model based fun learning. Research methods of this study is classroom action research by Elliot. This study carried out in three cycles with each cycle consisting of 3 actions. Instruments in this study are worksheets, test sheets, teacher observation sheets, student observation sheets, student interview sheets, field notes and documentation with photos.Based on the research that has been done, the result shows that SAVI model based fun learning has been succesfully to improve student critical learning ability in social study learning. The success can be seen from the average value of everycycles of student critical thinking ability,cycle is 58,02 with low category in thinking ability, cycle II become 67,47 with medium category in thinking ability and cycle III increasing to 78,05 with high category In the ability to think.




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