Upaya Peningkatan Keaktifan dan Hasil Belajar Pkn melalui Metode Pembelajaran Take And Give Kelas IV

Vidya Rumpakha • Yari Dwikurnaningsih
Journal article Eduhumaniora • July 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


The background of this study is the low activeness and student learning outcomes in the subject of Civics Education (Civics) of the fourth grade in the fourth semester class of government, there are 14 out of 22 students whose value does not reach Minimal Completeness Criteria (KKM) (≥ 70). The aims of this study is to determine the improvement of student activeness and civics education learning outcomes through the Take and Give Methods Learning fourth graders SDN 1 Buntu Kejajar District Wonosobo Regency. The type of this research is a classroom action research which is conducted in 2 cycles, each cycle consists of 3 stages: 1) Action planning; 2) Implementation of action and Observation; 3) Reflection. Technique of collecting data in the form of test and non test technique, with research instrument in the form of item and observation sheet equipped with rubric measurement of student activeness. The analysis technique used is descriptive comparative technique that is analysis technique that compare the result of pre cycle learning, cycle I, and cycle II. This is indicated by the improvement in student learning outcomes, namely cycle I has increased learning outcomes from the average prasiklus 59.81 to 68.04 (77.27%), the level of student activeness using the likert scale is 70.3 (active). Cycle II has increased learning outcomes from the average cycle I 68,04 to 75,19 (86,36%), student activeness level using likert scale is 78,3 (very active). From this study can be concluded by applying the Take and Give model can significantly improve the learning outcomes and the activity of students of Civics subjects in fourth grade students.





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