Persepsi dan Motivasi Mahasiswa Pgsd Fkip Unpas Tentang Profesi Guru

Uum Murfiah
Journal article Eduhumaniora • January 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


. Teaching profession is a noble and professional job. Becoming a noble and professional teacher requires a graduate level of education. Entering this profession begun with the perception. and the true motivation of the teaching profession. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to describe the perception and motivation of PGSD FKIP Unpas students in semester VII about the primary-school teacher profession. The method applied a qualitative approach since the researcher attempted to reveal the natural situation and social phenomenon of the case of study. Data collection techniques used the observation and interviews. The data checking was done with credibility, dependebality, and confirmability. The data analysis was done through individual case analysis. The findings of the study that the teaching profession was a job which requires competence and expertise, which should be systematically prepared since they were enrolled as students of PGSD study program until they were graduated from the program. The perception and motivation of PGSD students towards the teaching profession was increasing along with their knowledge and experience in college. The implications of this research provide a spectrum in the future for PGSD program managers to design a continuous program of teacher professional development to strengthen the identity of prospective teachers.





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