Meningkatkan Kemampuan Hitung Perbandingan melalui Media Flowchart pada Siswa Kelas V Sdn Klumpit 03 Kec. Soko-tuban

Sumijan Sumijan
Journal article Eduhumaniora • January 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Mathematics is one of the basic sciences taught at all levels of schooling, with the aim to prepare students to be able to confront changing circumstances in life and in the world is always evolving, through acting on the basis of logical thinking, rational, critical, careful, honest, effectively and efficiently and can use matmatika and mindset of mathematics in daily life - today and in studying various sciences. This research uses classroom action research with the object of Action "Media Use Image" in the problem-solving arithmetic comparison in class V SDN Klumpit 03 Soko District of Tuban in academic year 2007/2008. research results or mendisplai describes the data, reflection data and research findings. Description of the results of the study include; First, the part that describes the process of implementation of research; The second part describes the results of a case study; Third, data analysis and discussion of case studies; Fourth, describe the results of model development; fifth, describes testing and validation of the model with experimental studies; sixth, test data analysis and statistical assumptions; The seventh, a general discussion; and eighth, summaries of research findings. Calculate the ratio of the expanded concept of fractional arithmetic concepts, hence the mastery of arithmetic concept will very much depend on the mastery of the main concept of fractions equivalent fractions; 2) Use of media images / charts can enhance the ability of arithmetic comparison in class V SDN Klumpit 03 Soko District of Tuban in academic year 2007/2008.





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