Hadits Perempuan Melakukan Perjalanan tanpa Maẖram Perspektif Hermeneutika Paul Ricoeur

Ahmad Rajafi Sahran • Ummi Hasanah
Journal article Aqlam: Journal of Islam and Plurality • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 14 pages)


Hadits about Mahram which related to women traveling is one of argueable social phenomenon in Islam. There are those who do textual approach and contextual approach in seeing this. Therefore, a new alternate of seeing this as responsive as in the contextual concept in discussing the hadits is required with the outline topic; how Paul Ricoeur hermeunetics sees the hadits about women traveling without mahram? The result is that the mahram role in the hadits is a concrete form of prevention to women in order to protect them from any kind of violences and harassments. The practice of prevention is done by the instruments provided by the country out of the women family member called mahram, this approach result is summarized the contextual meaning without neglecting the textual meaning of mahram.




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