Ritual Budaya Mandi Safar di Desa Tanjung Punak Pulau Rupat Kabupaten Bengkalis Provinsi Riau

Muhammad Ashsubli
Journal article Aqlam: Journal of Islam and Plurality • 2018 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 18 pages)


. This research aims to show up the local islamic society tradition named ritual mandi safar which get focus from various community of islam itself. Ritual mandi safar represents one of local area ancestor heritage assumed can refuse misfortunes (accident, disaster and disease epidemic). However as the local tradition which is related to islam, it generate pros and contra among the society that support and also refuse it. Relating to that reason, this research aims tofind the meaning of symbol and function of ritual mandi safar for the society that support it. How far their understanding to this rittral and the adtantages for their daily life and also the role of local government to remain this tradition.




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