Application of Total Quality Control Meet in Customer Satisfaction

Bambang Setyobudi
Journal article Entrepreneur • 2012

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Current marketing strategy no longer makes the achievement of profit as the main objective to be achieved, but customer satisfaction is the orientation of the main pillars of running a business. Customers are satisfied by the company become a great asset to the company's survival in this era Golbal. Absolute measures that must be handled is to improve the quality, because the main characteristic that is demanded by the global era it is the existence of an increasingly competitive climate sharp ignoring protection factors. Under these conditions we can not hide behind the greatness of the name, the proximity of informal and mentality of the like but have to come face an increasingly sharp competition. Efforts to win the competition was none other requires us to improve the quality of the ability to bersain with other parties objectively. These conditions require us to think and act mature by looking at reality in a reasonable and not overturned by a certain power. Step wise and observant is very important. One of the efforts to create customer satisfaction is to create total quality management (TQM) or quality of the integrated quality that has been used by many large companies.

Keywords: Total Quality Management, Customer and Customer Satisfaction.





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