Improving Students' Reading Comprehension Through Click and Clunk Strategy

Wini Windarsi

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This research aims at finding out whether or not the use of Click and Clunk Strategy can improve the reading comprehension of the students. The method of this research is quasi-experimental design. The sample is taken by using purposive sampling technique. The experimental group was taught by using click and clunk strategy while the control group was not. The result of the pre-test shows that the mean score of pre-test of experimental group is 50.57 and the control group is 51.82. The mean score of post-test obtained by experimental group is 71.25 while the control group gained 64.89. Thus, it can be concluded that there is a significant difference between students'who are taught click and clunk strategy and those who are not. T-test indicates that the score of t-counted is higher than t-table (2.4>2.02) which means that the Alternative Hypothesis (Ha) is accepted. The result of the research is the use of click and clunk strategy can improve the students' reading comprehension in literal level of reading comprehension.




English Language Teaching Society Journal

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