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Fauziah Masyhari
Journal article Entrepreneur • 2012

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Employees or personnel, especially teachers are the spearhead in the process of Islamic education Islamic education process will not work properly without the teacher's role. Institutionally, the progress of a further education institution is determined by the leadership of these institu tions than others,but in the learning process the teacher plays the most decisive than the method or material. The role of teachers in the learning process is depicted in Arabic phrase has ever delivered A. Malik Fadjar."Al-thoriqohahammu min al-Mudarris Maddah walakin ahmmu minal-thoriqh, the method ismore important than thematerial, but the teacher is more important than a very important role of teachers method. It can be a great potential in promoting or improving the quality of Islamic education, or vice versa. it can also destroy. When the teacher is really valid l and can manage well. Ofcourse they will be more enthusiasm in performing their duties. Even willing to make innovations in learning to achieve success of students. However, if displaced by the act of leader, they could be the most serious obstacle to the process of Islamic education. The attitude of teachers are dependent on the quality of personnel management. It is closely related to the service., management personnel have a specific goal-oriented optimization of work systems in educational institutions. Management personnel or staff aimed to utilize staff effectively and efficiently in order to achieve maximum results, but by staying in pleasant conditions. Keywords: Recruitment, Manpower Education





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