Pengembangan Lembar Kegiatan Siswa Berbasis Strategi Metakognitif pada Materi Pewarisan Sifat

Frida Karya N.
Journal article BioEdu • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Inheritance contains some highly difficult concepts because it seems complex and complicated. In addition, it needs a long time and suitable equipments to do practical work. So that it requires worksheets to overcome the problems and can help student to understand about inheritance. One of ways that can be done is developing student worksheets based on metacognitive strategy. The student worksheets are expected to encourage students to understand with their own ability. This research aims to determine the feasibility of the student worksheets, student's metacomprehension skills, student's learning outcomes, student's response to the student worksheets and to obtain student's worksheets that are feasible. This research used 4-D model. In this case, the research only applied three steps (3-D models). They are “define”, “design”, and “develop”. The research subject are student worksheets based on metacognitive strategy on inheritance. The student worksheets were tried out in class IX of Jenangan Junior High School 2 with 20 students, using “one shot case study” method. The results show that the student worksheets developed were feasible with 3,67 average of score (very good category). The average student's metacomprehension skills were categorized very good. The student's learning outcomes showed that 85% of students were mastery with 60% of learning objectives are mastery and the students responded positively to the student worksheets.





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