A Ppp (Presentation, Practice, and Production) Phase Method of Teaching Speaking to University Students

Adi Yusuf
Journal article Educate • 2015

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(English, 6 pages)


Teaching speaking is considered as the “interesting and challenging activity”. Indeed, it needs various ways in order to make students “active in speaking” during the class. This article would like to present the three phases, namely a PPP (Presentation, Practice, and Production) method in “teaching speaking to university students”. The fundamental principles of using this method is that the “students are smart and creative”. Eventhough, they are considered as “intelligent and creative”, teachers still need to guide or control them to anticipate any errors made by the students. Furthermore, it is important for teachers to know when to give “instant correction” in class. When the class is focused on accuracy, teachers can give an “instant correction”. On the other hand, when it is focused on “fluency”, it is not suggested that teachers give “instant correction” and this may interfere with the goals of activity. Keywords: Presentation, Practice, Production, accuracy, fluency





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