Peta Konsep (Mind Mapping) dalam Pembelajaran Struktur Aljabar

Suci Yuniati
Journal article Gamatika • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


This paper is the result of a theoretical study on the use of concept maps in learning algebra structure. Using concept maps is one of the learning strategies that provide opportunities for students as far as possible to develop themselves. The role of teachers/lecturers as the giver of knowledge, the role of facilitator is facilitating students to learn and construct their own knowledge. Students must establish knowledge based on prior knowledge, not just from memorization. In addition, the concept map is one of the strategies that can be used by teacher / lecturers to guide the students to formulate the concepts they have learned by considering relations to each other. There are several steps that must be followed in preparing a concept map on the algebra structure,they are: 1) take one of the materials in the algebra structure materiasl group, 2) define the concepts that are relevant to the materials of the structure algebra group: set, group, semi group, monoid, group and group abelian, 3) sort the concepts from the most inclusive to the least inclusive concept that sequence-structure set-semi group- Groupoid-Monoid-Group-Grup Abelian, 4) develop concepts obtained on paper, starting with the most inclusive concepts at the top to least inclusive concepts, and 5) connect the concepts above with connecting words.

Keywords: learning, concept maps, and algebraic structures





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