Model Praktikum Sejarah Indonesia Baru Dengan E-journey

Sariyatun Riyadi
Journal article Candi • 2015 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


In the archives of historical research and historical sources are soimportant because both of these things is impossible without history can bewritten. Diselenggrakan lectures on History Education Studies Program, is notonly done indoors, but also on the object's history. Ideally, every student ofHistory Education Studies Program FKIP UNS should follow the field work in thehistory of historical objects directly. The problems that arise namely theUniversity of March notebene as PTN BLU, already apply Tuition Single (UKT)where students are not charged a fee beyond the UKT. Whereas for field workactivity History New Indonesia in Jakarta and Bandung object requires significantfunding.Solutions that want to be found through this research that want toformulate scientific studies, empirical, and systematically to bridge the existingconditions, by e-journey. Maksuk concept of e-journey in replacing the field workto make electronic simulation-based information technology (IT) throughcomposing object in a digital form of video. The concept of e-lab this journey isnot just replace a visit with the video playback however, the video only as amaterial to be processed with software that is tailored to the demands of basiccompetence in the New Indonesian history curriculum.





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