Pertanian Menghadapi Perekonomian Global

Sutawi Sutawi
Journal article Bestari • 2002

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Global economic, trade, investment and financial sector have opened the market worldwide. Global business rule are being harmonized in some International forums. As result of globalization, there are two important thing i.e. the wider market and the more player in the global business. This will bring a consequence that a nation, a company, and a business sector will face a tight competition. To make a higher competitiveness, there is no other way but making products, including agriculture products, more efficient. There are serious problem faced by Indonesian agriculture. The problem are that opening up agriculture markets may hurt developing country-agriculture, and also vulnerable groups within them. Higher and more volatile food prices hurt consumers, while poor farmer may be displayed by imports of cheap food. Indonesian agriculture will stand to lose from economic globalization. Critics of globalization suggest that developing countries will become less sufficient and more dependent on other countries and that trade will be concentrated in the hand of developed countries.





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