Pemanfaatan Media Animasi Flash untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa Kelas V Mata Pelajaran IPA di Sdn Lebo Sidoarjo

Ima Mala Hayati
Journal article Elementary School • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


The learning of saints in the fifth grade in SDN Lebo Sidoarjo has not been optimal. When the resaercher did the first observation, the teacher tough saints by using visual media two dimention without movement, so that the student felt difficult in creating opinion adn they could not achieve the standart that had been decided. So, It is given the solution by using the animation flash media to solve the low result of the learning in studying saints. The reseacrh methode is Classromaction research that consists two cycles. The subject of thie research is the student of SDN LEBO SDA that are 41 students. The data is collected from observation, test and field note. The data of teacher and students observation in the class are annalized in the presentage score and the score of lerning objective. The data is annalized by taking the total the score and based on the presentage clasical learning completting. The fieldnote that is contained the problem in the field and the solution after annalizing the problem. The result of research shows that in the first cycle has 75% and the score is 58. The first cycle in the second meetting is 81%and the score is 70. The second cycle in the firstmeeting has 95% and the score is 100. In The secind meeting has 100% and the score is 98. The presentage of the students' activities in the first cycle and the first meeting has 83% and the score is 55. Then in he second meeting has 92% and the score is 71. The second cycle and the first meeting has 100% and the score is 92 and in the secind meting has 100% and the score is 97. The learning result of the students can improve 58% that is from 39% in the first cycle becomes 97% in the second cycle.




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