Desain Kemasan Cokelat Garut Packaging Design of Garut Chocolate (Kajian Visual Estetik Pada Kemasan Chocodot Perusahaan Tama Chocolate Garut) (Visual Aesthetics Study on Chocodot Packaging at Tama Chocolate Company Garut)

Shelly Pratiwi • Harry Sulastianto
Journal article Gradasi • 2013 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 14 pages)


Chocodot Chocolate is one of the special products in Garut, West Java, which proved to be superior in market. Because the company was paying attention in quality of taste and they was very concerned in uniqueness of the packaging, Especially Chocodot chocolate ‘Up to Date' edition. As a pioneer of chocolates with attractive design packaging and unique names of product, it was interesting to research especially in visual aesthetics well about typography, style or realization of illustration, and composition/layout in packaging form design based on theory of design. This paper use descriptive research method with qualitative approaches and using literary review, observation, and interview in collection technique.Based on the results of research, it can be conclude that the typography used was dominated by typeface of Sans Serif which focused on readability. Cartoon, realistic, and decorative were used in the illustration style, especially on the package icon, which is customized by the name of the product and inspired by the condition of society now day. Point of interest composition/layout in the package of ‘Up to Date' edition focused on the name of the product, or the product icon, even on both. The unification of them on the packaging showed similarity with healthcare or pharmaceutical products, because of using white colour as the background which used in packaging pharmaceutical products.





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