Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation and Social Audit at PT Semen Padang

Elvira Luthan • Sri Dewi Edmawati
Journal article International Journal on Economics and Social Sciences • January 2015 Indonesia

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(English, 12 pages)


This study describes the implementation of CSR and social audit in PT Semen Padang. PT Semen Padang as one of the largest states owned enterprise in West Sumatra has a big hand in the development of West Sumatra. Analyses were performed with descriptive statistics and content analysis. The data analysis on the CSR activities of PT Semen Padang was done by performing content analysis on the audited company's annual report. Results of the analysis showed CSR's model implementation in PT. Semen Padang is on the form of physical development such as public facilities, education development, employment empowerment, economic empowerment, community services, public health services, environmental protection, sports, and the arts. A form of implementation of CSR programs is generally done directly and independently by a company-appointed team. PT Semen Padang has not purely implemented social audit of the CSR report, but it has integrated in the audit of the company's annual report.




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