Analisis Keramik Hias Gerabah Plered Untuk Pangsa Export Tahun 2010-2013

Fina Lestari • Maman Tocharman • Yadi Rukmayadi
Journal article Gradasi • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


The method used in this research is descriptive method with qualitative approach, this research area is the ceramic industry Jaka Perkasa at Anjun, Plered Purwakarta. Data collecting techniques used in this study include: observation, interviews, library research and documentation.The products of Jaka Perkasa industry are crafted to meet the needs of both export and local markets which made by ceramic craftsmen Plered together with PT Joshua as an exporter and ceramic models designer. Its existence brings the development of the ceramic craftsmen in Plered who not only produce for domestic purpose but also for International scale.The results of this study concluded that the forming process of these ceramics uses clay materials called puder mixed with mud and silt formed by rolling technique with the help of a turntable (perbot) which is moved manually by hand. The decorating techniques are vary with firing temperature up to 900┬░Celsius. Ceramic shapes are the development of a cylindrical shape wich has geometric and deformation of plants motifs. The color use in ceramics give the color tone and the ceramic surface texture can be smooth or rough, coarse texture can be seen on the surface of ceramic objects by the process of rubbing decorating technique.





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