Telaah Teoritis Bak-atom Quantum Dot Semikonduktor Dalam Medan Magnet Luar

Wahyu Tri Cahyanto • Kamsul Abraha • Pekik Nurwantoro
Journal article Berkala Ilmiah MIPA • 2006 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Analytical calculation on the atomic-like phenomena is presented in a semiconductor quantum dot trapped by two-dimensional harmonic potential in the presence of a homogeneous magnetic field. The calculation neglects both Zeeman splitting and spin orbit interaction. This paper is proposed as the first sight of advanced research on nanotechnology in Indonesia. Many of the phenomena observed in atoms and nuclei are also observed in the semiconductor quantum dot which is then called an artificial atom. It has been shown that atomic shells can be described by a set of degenerated energy levels filled by 2, 6, 12, ... electrons known as “magic numbers”. The results of the calculations show that the Fock-Darwin spectrum will enter Landau regime when its cyclotron frequency (fc) is much larger than the frequency associated with the potential confinement (fo).

Keywords: Semiconductor quantum dot, Electron confinement, Shell structure, Artificial atom




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