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Riza Muhida
Journal article International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Development • April 2013 Cambodia • India • Indonesia • Malaysia

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Development (IJEST) on April 2013. In this issue of IJEST, we present to our readers selected articles related to Engineering, Science and Computer and Tehnology. Six papers are presented from Malaysia, Indonesia and India.The first article by Dr. Raihan Othman and Dr. Hens Saputra from International Islamic University Malaysia and Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, with the topic: Zinc-Air Battery – Powering Electric Vehicles to Smart Active Labels. The second article by Dr. Iing Lukman , Prof. Dr. M. N. Hassan, Prof.Dr. Noor Akma I and Prof. Dr. M. N. Sulaiman from Universitas Malahayati, Indonesia, World Health Organization Cambodia Chapter, Pnom Phen, Institute for Mathematical Reseach/ Department of MathematicsUniversiti Putra Malaysia, and Department of Computer ScienceFaculty of Computer Science and Information Technology Universiti Putra Malaysiawith the topic: Model Development of Children Under Mortality Rate With Group Method of Data Handling. The third article by Dr. Afzeri Tamsir, Dr. Rudi Irawan and Dr. Riza Muhida from Surya Institute, Jakarta with the topic: Rapid Prototyping and Evaluation for Green Manufacturing. The fourth article by Dr. A.Nagoorgani and Dr. P. Vijayalakshmi from P.G. & Research Department of Mathematics, Jamal Mohamed College Tiruchirappalli, India and Department of Mathematics, K.N.Govt. Arts College(Autonomous),Thanjavur, India with the topic: Fuzzy Graphs With Equal Fuzzy Domination and Independent Domination Numbers. The last article by Hery Riyanto from Universitas Bandar Lampung, Indonesia with the topic: Damping Factor of Precast Concrete with Wet Connection.With these selections I sincerely hope that everyone has something to gain from this issue and thank you to article contributors and reviewers for making this first issue possible. To all prospective author, we are welcome and please sent your article to the editors.




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